Your favorite colors may be retiring.

Your favorite colors may be retiring. Save 36% on them & anything else today & stock up. Code: SAVE36.

We've had this warning on the website under these colors for a while so that people ordering them would know to order extra, but I wanted to give those of you who maybe love these colors or have painted projects in them and want to keep some touchup on hand. (Read til the end for a coupon code & Tag your friends so we can make sure everyone in the group sees this.)
We are retiring the below list of colors. Of course, they are someone's favorite colors and someone is always in the middle of a project using these colors. We do our best to make everyone aware of these changes through website notices, posts & emails.

Now, you might ask why does a paint company retire colors? I'm happy to explain. We are not a traditional paint manufacturer. We do not manufacture bases and then tint off gallons like they do at the hardware store. We manufacture our paints with high-quality ground-in pigments, which means we make the color as we are making the paint itself. And since we manufacture in 1,000 gallon batches, that's a lot of paint to sit around.

Likewise, as an internet company, we need to be able to give you a concise color card that we can easily mail to your door. Have you ever looked at a full deck from a big paint company? Its 5" thick and often they have more than one. It's overwhelming and so hard to choose a color from. So as we bring on new colors, old ones have to go. We are dedicated to keeping our color line small with each color having a purpose. Choosing a color is the hardest part of a painting project and contrary to what you might think, more options does not help. It actually makes it harder for you to make a decision. Our new color card is NOW Available that includes the new colors we added like Putty, Spruce, Almond, Envy, Sunrise & more.

We do our best to give you great choices for cabinets, walls, exterior and furniture that we know will work for the majority of people's homes. We also do our best to give you color-mixing options for those who are looking for more specific colors.

With all of that said, these colors are all STILL AVAILABLE. We will be manufacturing them through 5/31. After that, we'll go on limited quantity until we sell out. Again, I'll make several posts between now and then to try to catch everyone and it will continue to be on the website description for these colors. And if you really love one of these colors, don't get too discouraged. Thistle came back out of retirement so you just never know. I hope the explanation helps to soothe the sting a bit for those who are disappointed by the announcement.

List of Retiring Colors:
Manor House
Tea Rose

List of retiring colors.