Small dresser/nightstand left by previous owners of our home

This two drawer dresser was left behind when the previous owners moved out of our home. It’s been just hanging around in my garage. Until I realized I had a small amount (maybe an inch in the bottom of the quart) of both colosseum and iron gate. I ordered some knobs from Amazon and went for it! Went for it after sanding off the layers of the cheap paint that is. So NO you do not need to sand prior to using this paint. However my before pics are showing it sanded. I’m currently revamping our bathroom to include the original black, white and gray wall tile. This little dresser will be perfect for my makeup storage!

I’ve used this paint before on the bathroom vanity, front and back steel doors of our old house in preparation to sell after my sister in law recommended it. Fast forward to current home-hubby decided that a $17 quart of Krylon acrylic black paint would work just as well as HTP (I knew better ????) and when it obviously did not work as well by any stretch of the imagination, we have now ordered more HTP to finish the bathroom out. Can’t wait!

Finished! For now. Iron gate on sides and edges of drawers and colosseum on the drawer fronts and top. I will be finishing it up with the waterproof sealer in gloss on the top only and I’ll be using it for makeup and want to easily clean the top. Also used HTP’s furniture polish on sides and front, which I highly recommend as it truly does help with dust sticking and fingerprints!


Note that my before pictures show a sanded surface. It is not at all necessary to sand prior to using this paint. I had layer upon layer of a cheaper paint bc the hubby thought it would be “just as good” that I had to then sand back off.


Used the brush and roll method.


Painted the edges then sanded the flat front and top surfaces to remove any iron gate that made its way to the fronts or top. Then taped off the iron gate once dry and applied the colosseum to the fronts and top.





Techniques Used
Brush & Roll
Materials Used
Iron Gate Color Swatch
Colosseum Color Swatch
MEDIUM SYNTEC Fiber Oval, Tapered Brush
Foam Roller (open cell foam), Heirloom Traditions All-In-One Paint, 2pk
Cabinet & Furniture Polish, 16oz, Beautify & Enhance Painted Surfaces
Brush & Tool Cleaner, 16oz
Deglosser / Degreaser ( Surface Prep ), Heirloom Traditions All-In-One Paint
16oz Pint
Total Cost: $80.93