NEW Color Blocking Flexible Primer-Finish All 32oz (1L)

Finish All Paint



Product Description

Our brand color blocking Finish All Primer is now available.  Fast Drying, Self Levelling and industry standard full hide (3 wet mils on a draw down card).  This primer has our unique flexible formula built in so it can be used on your leather, vinyl and smooth fabrics in addition to all of the other surfaces that Finish All Paints.  


Color:  Gray

Size:  32oz Quart (1 Liter)


This Color Blocking HIDE primer is great to use under whites and reds to add additional hide and improve coverage on colors that tend to require additional coats.  This is ideal to put under your whites and reds!  Anytime you are making a major color contrast, a color blocking primer is always a good idea.  


Note:  This primer may not prevent wood tannin or nicotine bleed through.  In those cases, a shellac type sealer may be required before your primer.  


  • Weight: 52 oz

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