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BOND-N-FLEX Kit Colors

Product Description

BOND-N-FLEX, Easily Repairs Vinyl & Leather.  Do you have a sofa or auto seat that has torn, been scratched by your cat, chewed by your dog, etc?  BOND-N-FLEX is here to save the day.  Don’t throw out your torn leather & vinyl before you try this!  




1-8oz Container of BOND-N-FLEX

1-16oz Finish All Paint (in your choice of color)

1-Spreader to apply BOND-N-FLEX

1-Chip Brush (to get in crevices)

1- Pair of gloves

1- Sanding block

1- 3″ Foam Roller with Disposable Tray (to apply paint)


This size will typically do a sofa with 2 good size repairs and not a drastic color change.  If doing a larger piece or making a drastic color change, you may need an additional pint of Finish All Paint.  



* Tears & Holes

* Delamination

* Scratches

* Burns



* Paintable

* Sandable

* Flexible

* Durable

* No-Shrink


#1 Prep the surface with the non-acetone finger nail polish remover.  Pay special attention to the areas where skin/hair would touch such as headrest, footrest, armrest. 

#2-basic application of Bond-N-Flex put on a smooth layer to fill gaps (See Videos on Youtube or attached to this listing)

#3  Allow BNF to dry for 24 hours. 

#4 Sand if necessary with a medium grit sanding block. 

#5-Paint with Finish All Paint #6 repeat steps 2-5 if necessary to achieve desired coverage and results.


Note:  If repairing peeling bonded leather, you MUST REMOVE all of the loose before applying Bond-N-Flex.  This is only a band-aid on Bonded Leather.  The only way to permanently repair peeling bonded leather is to peel it completely from the piece and paint it with  Finish All Paint.  No Bond-N-Flex needed if you do that.  We cannot guarantee results on an already damaged surface.  


Tips:  Do not apply in freezing or extremely hot temperatures.  Best application is in temperatures of 65-85 deg F.  


Open Time/Able to reposition:  15 mins                 Dry Time:  24 hours                         Full Cure Time:  14 days


Handling-Protect surrounding area and clothes from spills and splatters.  Protect your hands with gloves.  


Clean up-Clean with soap & water.  Do not allow product to dry on tools.  


Storage-Keep lid on at all times when not in use.  Store at room temperature between 65-85 degrees for best shelf life.  Protect from freezing temperatures.  




  • Weight: 48 oz

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