In Love with Truffle Paint color

I wanted dark chocolate colored cabinets throughout my new house but it came with all white. I have been so depressed since we lost a contract on a house we were building but had designed custom from the ground up. Instead, we ended up with a last minute builder change and the home is almost our dream home but the white walls, white cabinets, modern backsplash, and grey quartz countertops were making me miserable. A coworker referred me to HTP and I finally began the transformation. Im not quite finished with the first bathroom, but i needed to share my delicious cabinets now that I painted them with Truffle. I am in love every time i walk into my bathroom now and canteen wait to get my walls and the rest of my home painted. I am now painting the bathroom walls with Oyster, the water closet in Stonehenge, and then my bedroom walls in Putty. I cannot wait.

Here are the two cabinets I painted using Truffle. (Disregard my mess)


The three paint colors, besides Truffle, that I plan to paint my entire interior. Changing from a modern sterile look to a more modern rustic style.


My cabinets are separated by a soaking tub (disregard the mess

Techniques Used
  • Brush & Roll
  • Doors On
Materials Used
Cabinet Gallon Bundle Deluxe
Surface Prep Deglosser Wipes, 40CT ( degreaser)
Tool Trio, Heirloom Traditions ALL-IN-ONE Paint
Detail Brushes, 4 pk Sizes 1-4, Syntec
Deglosser / Stain Syntec Brush, 2"
Trim Brush, Syntec
Total Cost: $266.89